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College and university: Enrolment in undergraduate and postgraduate studies for the Slovenians and the citizens of the Member States of the European Union

Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, who have completed secondary education in Slovenia or abroad, and foreign citizens with permanent residence in Slovenia can enrol in undergraduate studies in Slovenia under the same conditions.

Before filling in an application for enrolment, the candidate must check in the tender whether he/she meets the requirements for enrolment in the desired study programme and what criteria are considered in the case of limited enrolment (i.e. when the number of applications exceeds the available enrolment places).

To correctly begin the process of completing the application, the candidate must know the name of the tender for enrolment that he/she selects in the first step of the application.

Information on tendered study programmes

Available enrolment places are published in the tender for enrolment published by a university or independent higher education institution for its study programmes. Usually, separate tenders are published for undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes. The exception is the Tender for enrolment in undergraduate and uniform master study programmes at the University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Primorska, University of Nova Gorica and independent higher education institutions, which is published jointly for public higher education institutions and concessions, since the selection processes in the first and second application deadline are performed through the central university application and information services.

All other application deadlines are performed through the higher education institutions. The address where to send the application will appear in the upper left corner of the printed application form for enrolment.

Application deadlines

Application deadlines are defined by the tender for enrolment and may vary between tenders.

Within the application deadline, a candidate can complete the application in the Enrolment application for study (eVŠ). The last day of the application deadline is the date by which the candidate must submit the application. The application is submitted when it is electronically signed with a qualified digital certificate or when the printed and signed application form is sent by registered mail and application data in eVŠ is not deleted.

In the tender, the candidate must also check other deadlines, such as:

- when will the tests of special talents, abilities and skills take place if they are required for the study programme among the requirements for enrolment;

- until when to send attachments of evidence, if they are required by the tender for enrolment.