Pogosto vprašanje

Until when do I have to submit an application for enrolment?
The tender for enrolment in undergraduate and uniform master study programmes at the University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, University of Primorska, University of Nova Gorica and independent higher education institutions, which is published jointly for public higher education institutions and concessions:
- The first application deadline is defined by the tender for enrolment and lasts at least 14 days between 1st February and 15th March.
- The second deadline lasts at least 8 days and is defined by the tender for enrolment in the period between the deadline for enrolment of candidates accepted in the first deadline until 5th September.
- The third deadline lasts at least 3 working days and is defined by the tender between 1st and 8th October.

All other application deadlines are performed through the higher education institutions.