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About eGovernment

The eGovernment is a public portal of the Republic of Slovenia for citizens and an electronic entry point for various services provided by state bodies or public administration bodies. The portal is administered by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

The basic purpose of the portal is to provide online administrative services to users and thus provide an additional, electronic path for the provision of these services in addition to standard ones. Since we want to ensure an excellent user experience, the portal has been designed in accordance with modern technological and design guidelines and is user-oriented.

Information on services is collected as per substantive fields which accompany all important events in the life of an individual from birth to education, employment and retirement. Individual services are described in a manner that allows users to be guided through the procedures that need to be carried out in one or more bodies of the public administration in an understandable and transparent way. After the basic information about where and how to get a service, the application or form for the service will be made available to users. Users can fill out and submit applications in various ways depending on the nature of the service and information capacity of the relevant body. A condition for the submission of electronic applications and access to services of the My eGovernment module is that users have a qualified digital certificate from Slovenian issuers installed on their devices. Electronic applications are available in the Slovenian language version of the portal, and those intended for members of both autochthonous ethnic communities are published in the Italian and Hungarian language versions of the portal.

Descriptions of individual services are prepared by bodies competent for individual fields which are also responsible for the information being up to date and correct. Editors responsible for individual fields and content prepare individual descriptions and applications and answer questions that the users deliver through the portal or send to the address of the single contact centre.

Signing in to the My eGovernment module also provides users with an insight into their personal information which is kept in various public administration registers and databases, and an insight into the status of submitted applications and storage of documents created during electronically managed administrative procedures.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation hopes that the eGovernment portal is a portal for all citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, which is why it is adapted to the deaf and hard-of-hearing, the blind and visually impaired and some other vulnerable groups. Of course, it is also intended for advanced users who will use the portal on their mobile devices.

Let the portal be useful to you. Use it with pleasure!

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