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Education, culture: College and university

What are the conditions for admission into a higher vocational school? When and where are available enrolment places published?

Enrolment in undergraduate and postgraduate studies for the Slovenians and the citizens of the Member States of the European Union

Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, who have completed secondary education in Slovenia or abroad, and foreign citizens with permanent residence in ...

Enrolment in short-cycle higher education colleges

Short-Cycle Higher Education study programmes are highly practice-oriented programmes and prepare graduates for immediate work in a company.

Assessment of education

The Assessment of education is a procedure within which the ENIC – NARIC centre issues an official opinion regarding education. The opinion issued ...

Recognition of education for continuing education

The recognition of education for the purpose of further education is a procedure in which a decision is adopted, on the basis of education attained ...

Subsidy for residence of students

Subsidies for residence in student and school dormitories or at private providers during the high education study.