College and university Recognition of education for continuing education

The procedure of recognition of foreign documents on education for the purpose of continuing education in Slovenia.

Anyone who has a foreign document on education must obtain a decision on meeting enrolment requirements from the institution in which he/she wishes to continue the education in the Republic of Slovenia.

Procedure for recognition of education in carried out in the institution in which the holder of a foreign document wishes to continue the education. This may be a vocational, secondary professional, secondary general, higher professional or high school. In accordance with the criteria and regulations governing enrolments, transfers and transitions between educational programmes in the Republic of Slovenia, the institution will determine the fulfilment of enrolment requirements and issue a decision on the right of the holder to access, enrolment and discussion in the enrolment procedures.

The procedure is initiated at the request of the holder of a foreign document on education or his/her legal representative. Deadlines for submitting and processing the application are determined by the educational institution.

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