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College and university: Assessment of education

The Assessment of education is a procedure within which the ENIC – NARIC centre issues an official opinion regarding education. The opinion issued shall be of an informative and advisory nature.

Assessment of education is carried out on the basis of evidence attesting that education was fully completed. This may be a certificate, diploma or other similar document.

Application for assessment of education

The ENIC-NARIC centre issues an official opinion regarding specific elements of education in the assessment of the education procedure. This helps in recognizing and classification of foreign and national education certificates.
Possible manners of submission:
  • by mail
  • personally

The documents discussed in the process of the assessment of education may include:

  • foreign education certificates;
  • Slovenian education certificates;
  • education certificates issued in the republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia before 25 June 1991.

ENIC-NARIC centre issues an opinion on education within two months.

In assessment of education, we do not assess:

  • education which is attested through supporting documents on completed language, computer and other courses, professional examinations, vocational qualifications and other vocational and professional training,
  • education that lasts less than one semester or half a year, and
  • education assessed with less than 30 credits according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).