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Weapons: Firearms licence

You must obtain the appropriate licence for the possession and carrying of firearms.

If you have obtained an authorisation to purchase firearms, you must report the purchase to the administrative authority, register the firearms and apply for the firearms licence.

The firearms licence for civilian firearms is issued to applicants who meet the following conditions:
· reached age of 18 years;

· no impediments to public order;
· reliability (the owner will not abuse the firearms, use and store it carelessly and unprofessionally, or leave it to a person who is not entitled to the possession of firearms, which is determined by inquiries);

· passed a medical examination;

· passed an examination on the management of firearms (before the commission appointed by the minister responsible for internal affairs).

Any person meeting the listed conditions may acquire firearm licences for a maximum of 5 pieces of hunting or sporting firearms.

Notwithstanding the above, firearm licences will not be issued to individuals who have exercised their right to conscientious objection to military service.

Firearms licences are issued with different periods of validity:

· for hunting and sporting firearms – 12 years;

· for security firearms – 10 years;

After expiry, the firearms licence allows you the possession, but not wearing or carrying the firearms.

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