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Social benefits: Financial social assistance

You can apply for the financial social assistance if you do not have income and assets which allow survival.

Financial social assistance is intended to meet the minimum living needs. You can apply for it at the local competent social work centre.

You can obtain financial social assistance if you live in the Republic of Slovenia (RS) and are:

  • a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia with registered permanent residence in the RS; or
  • a foreigner with a permanent residence permit and permanent residence in the RS; or
  • a person who can claim financial social assistance and income support on the basis of international acts which bind the RS; or
  • a person who has been granted international protection or his/her family member and have under the right to family reunification obtained a residence permit in the RS where you have a registered permanent or temporary residence;

and you also meet the following conditions:

  • you are registered in the relevant registers of the unemployed or active job seekers at Employment Service of Slovenia;
  • the amount of your own income does not exceed the amount of the minimum income;
  • you do not have assets and savings that would allow survival;
  • you are actively solving your social problem.

You are entitled to the financial social assistance:

  • if you cannot ensure the survival by yourself with work rights or interests of labour, income from property or other sources, allowances, benefits under other regulations, with the help of those who are obliged to support you or in some other manner provided by the law;
  • if you cannot provide funds in the amount of the minimum income for yourself and your family members for reasons which cannot be affected, and you have exercised your right to financial benefits under other regulations, the right to exemption and relief according to the Exercise of Rights to Public Funds Act.

Financial social assistance depends on:

  • the amount of income;
  • the number of family members;
  • assets,
  • savings;
  • the care provided;
  • the existence of any fault reason (if you are not registered in the Employment Service of Slovenia, you undergo imprisonment, etc.).

Financial social assistance is granted for a time period determined on the basis of the circumstances:

  • 1 to 3 months: at first application;
  • 1 to 6 months: at the re-application in continuous receipt of social assistance if the circumstances forming the basis for the allocation and the amount of the assistance remain unchanged;
  • for a maximum period of 1 year: if due to age above 63 years for women and 65 for men, illness, disability or other circumstances it cannot be expected that the social situation of the beneficiary will improve;
  • permanent: persons who are permanently unemployable or permanently unable to work, unemployed women older than 63 years and unemployed men older than 65 who have no property or are in institutional care and their family members also meet the above conditions.

Limitation of inheritance

If the deceased had been receiving financial social assistance for more than 12 months, the inheritance of his/her property is limited by the amount of 12 highest monthly amounts and then further reduced by a third of the received assistance.

If the deceased had been receiving financial social assistance for 12 months or less, the claim of the inheritance is not enforced. There is also no need to return the extraordinary financial social assistance.