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Certificates and extracts: Certificate from the criminal records

You can obtain the certificate for exercising your rights. Most often, it has to be attached to a job application.

Criminal records are records of natural persons and legal entities convicted res judicata in the Republic of Slovenia, and records of citizens of the Republic of Slovenia convicted res judicata abroad.

The certificate from the criminal records can be obtained for a natural person or legal entity.

In the RS, you can obtain only a general certificate of no criminal record. A certificate of no criminal record for an individual offence does not exist. If a person has been legally punished for such an act, it is apparent from the general certificate from the criminal records.

The certificate shows the data as applicable on the date of the issue of the certificate. If a person has been removed from the criminal records, no one has the right to access deleted data.

On a reasoned request of institutions or associations which are engaged in learning, education or childcare, the data from the criminal records for deleted convictions for offences committed against minors can be provided.

Foreign citizens obtain the certificate from the criminal records in their state of origin.