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Pogosto vprašanje

What documentation is needed in a Slovenian company that wishes to employ a Swiss citizen and refer him to work in Germany?
If a foreigner who you want to employ is a citizen of the Swiss Confederation, he has the right to free access to the Slovenian labour market, which means that he does not need a work permit for employment in the Republic of Slovenia (RS).

Referral of such worker to work in another Member State of the European Union (EU) is admissible if the possibility of work abroad is agreed in the employment contract and provided that the worker has been included in the social insurance in Slovenia at least one month prior to the referral.

Before referring a worker to work in another EU Member State, please contact the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia and obtain form E101. It will be issued on the basis of a duly completed questionnaire for employers which is available on the website of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.

In addition, the company that refers workers to work in another EU Member State must meet certain other administrative requirements laid down by the national law of each Member State.