EN: Skoči na filtre seznama
EN: Filtriranje se bo izvedlo ob spremembi izbire filtra in ne zahteva dodatne potrditve.

Pogosto vprašanje

How is the selection procedure performed in those schools with limited enrolment?
If there are more applications than places available in an educational programme, the school introduces limited enrolment in this programme. Schools with limited enrolment select the applied candidates on the basis of classification by using the points gained by the school performance in the 7th, 8th and 9th grade of elementary school, taking into consideration the final assessment of the compulsory subjects of the last three grades.

The selection procedure is carried out in two rounds. In the first round, the school enrols the candidates who are classified to the top 90% of enrolment places based on the gained of points. Those, who have not been accepted to the desired programme in the first round, shall complete an application form for participation in the second round and list schools or programmes into which they would like to enrol. Then a computer application ranks the candidates according to their points and schools where they would like to enrol.

If in the first or second round of the selection process several candidates with the same number of points are listed at the lower limit, the choice between them is carried out on the basis of the points they achieved in the national examinations of the Slovenian language (or Hungarian and Italian) and mathematics.