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Drivers and vehicles: Vehicle registration

Vehicle registration is an entry of data on the vehicle, the vehicle owner and the registration mark in the record of registered vehicles.

To each registered vehicle a vehicle registration certificate is issued for the time of the validity of the technical examination and the payment of all statutory obligations.

The validity of the vehicle registration certificate is extended upon the application of the owner or user of the vehicle if the following conditions are met:

  • submit the application no more than 30 days before the expiry of the old vehicle registration certificate;
  • since the expiry of the old vehicle registration certificate, no more than 30 days have passed, or more than one year in case of mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles, light quad-cycles, quad-cycles, motorhomes, mobile homes and vintage cars;
  • you have a certificate of roadworthiness of the vehicle not older than 30 days in the case of a vehicle for which it is necessary to undergo a technical examination;
  • data in the vehicle registration certificate correspond to the actual state;
  • the annual charge for the use of the vehicle in road traffic is settled; the exception are the owners exempted from this duty;
  • you have the evidence of the conclusion of motor vehicle liability insurance as well as the evidence of the insurance of passengers for vehicles intended for public transport.

If the vehicle registration certificate is worn, damaged, destroyed, lost or alienated, submit an application for issuing a replacement vehicle registration certificate where you must specify the circumstances in which the injury, loss or theft occurred.

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