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Health: Healt insurance card

The health insurance card is obtained upon first registration for the compulsory health insurance.

With the health insurance card, you exercise the rights from compulsory and voluntary health insurance at health care providers in Slovenia.

For the first health insurance card, it is not required to submit an application because the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS) will issue it upon the first registration in the compulsory health insurance. Within two weeks, you will receive it by post to the address of your temporary residence, or permanent residence if you do not have temporary. Until its receipt, the HIIS will issue a certificate with which you can temporarily exercise your right to health services.

Lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning card

If you have lost the health insurance card or it has been stolen or the chip does not work anymore because of injury or damage, you can via the internet order a new one at the nearest regional office or exposure of the HIIS by yourself or through the person authorised in writing.

The issue of a new health insurance card must be paid for, unless if the current one is (was) more than 10 years old, in which case you will get a new card free of charge. If the card is inoperative due to a chip malfunction, you must bring it to your nearest regional unit or HIIS branch to confirm the malfunction.

Change of data on the card

If you change your name or surname, it is necessary to replace the health insurance card since this information is displayed on it. The replacement can be done via the internet, personally or through the person authorised in writing at the nearest regional office or expose of the HIIS. Bring the old card with you. The issue of a new card is free of charge.