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Real estate/Buildings: Construction permit

Construction, reconstruction, removal or change of use of a building can be started with a final construction permit.

Construction of the building must be consistent with the spatial plan that regulates the land on which it will be held; it must be conducted in accordance with building regulations.

In order to obtain a construction permit, we recommend the following initial steps:

1. Make sure that construction is admissible on the selected land. The information on this can be obtained by examining the spatial plan of the municipality where the land of the planned construction is located or by an application for issuance of location information.

2. Check if the location of the planned construction is protected by specific legislation (protected areas such as nature, water etc. or buffer zones such as roads, electrical power lines, gas pipeline etc.).

3. Obtain the right to construct on the land of planned construction.

4. Gather the project documentation for obtaining a construction permit which is prepared by a legal entity or natural person authorised for design.

List of designers with authorisation to design:

· at Slovenian Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning (ZAPS)

· at Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (IZS)

Construction of a simple building can be started without construction permit.

Construction permit for the change of use is not required:

· if you change the use in non-complex buildings and single-housing buildings and

· in specific cases listed in Paragraph 4 of Article 4 of the Construction Act.

Explanation of terms

Reconstruction of a building: execution of works which do not significantly alter the size of the existing building while changing the construction elements (foundations, load-bearing walls, beams, bearing plates etc.).

Change of the use of a building: execution of works which are not considered construction and do not require reconstruction but increase the impacts of the building on the surrounding area.

Complexity of buildings: According to the Regulation on classification of construction with regard to their complexity, we know demanding, less demanding, non-complex and simple buildings.

Surveying company: a legal entity or natural person who has registered geodetic activities in the Business Register of Slovenia as a company or entrepreneur. List of surveying companies can be found on the website of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers.Registration in the list of geodetic companies at the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers is not mandatory; therefore, we remind you that the list is not exhaustive and does not include all surveying companies.

Detailed report on surveying services: documentation made upon the customer's request by a surveying company in the execution of surveying services (detailed report related to entries of buildings and parts of buildings in the Cadastre can also be made by a designer). Detailed report is a technical basis for making decisions in administrative proceedings conducted by the Surveying and Mapping Authority and for recording data changes in the records of the Land Cadastre and the Building Cadastre. There are several types of detailed reports on surveying services: detailed report on arrangements of border, detailed report on land subdivision, detailed report for entry into Building Cadastre, detailed report on changes in land rating, etc.

Land consolidation: in the process of land consolidation all the land in a certain area is first combined and then divided between the owners so that each of them receives the most unified complex of parcels while retaining their value and size. Land consolidation is performed on the basis of a contract between owners (contractual consolidation) or on the basis of an administrative decision (administrative consolidation).

Parcelling: dividing one parcel or merging several parcels. Division of a parcel is the creation of two or more parcels from one. Merging parcels is the creation of a single parcel from two or more parcels which have the same legal situation regarding property rights. In merging as well as in dividing parcels, new parcels with new parcel numbers are generated.

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