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Personal documents, digital certificate: Obtaining a digital certificate for electronic operations for natural persons

You need a digital certificate for secure electronic operations with public authorities.

With a digital certificate, you prove your identity and digitally sign in electronic operations.

A digital certificate is a computer record that contains information about the holder and his/her public key, plus information about the issuer of the digital certificate and the period of the validity of the digital certificate.

With a digital signature, you prove your identity and guarantee the content of electronically delivered information.

There are several issuers of digital certificates in Slovenia.One of them is SIGEN-CA, issued by the certification authority of the Ministry of Public Administration.

The SIGEN-CA digital certificate may be obtained by the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia (RS) older than 15 years and foreigners to whom the personal identification number and tax identification number were allocated.

On the basis of the approved application for a digital certificate, SIGEN-CA prepares a unique reference number and authorisation code for each individual user. The reference number is sent by e-mail; the authorisation code is sent by post. The acquisition and digital certificate protection procedure is described on SIGEN-CA's website.

Digital certificates are valid for 5 years. If you want upon the expiry continue to use the SIGEN-CA digital certificate, you must obtain a new certificate. During the two months prior to the expiry, an application for a new digital certificate can be submitted with the old certificate through a web form.

Instructions for obtaining digital certificates of other Slovenian issuers are available on their websites:

· Pošta Slovenije, d.o.o. - POŠTA®CA

· Nova Ljubljanska banka, d.d. –AC NLB

· Halcom Informatika, d.o.o. - HALCOM-