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Personal documents, digital certificate: Identity card

With an identity card, you prove your identity and citizenship and you can also travel to certain countries.

All citizens of the Republic of Slovenia can obtain a Slovenian identity card. It is required for all adult citizens with permanent residence in Slovenia who do not have another identity document with photograph issued by a state authority.

Identity cards have various periods of validity:

  • 10 years if the citizen is 18 to 70 years old;
  • permanent if the citizen is older than 70 years;
  • 3 years if the child is younger than 3 years;
  • 5 years if the child is 3 to 18 years old;
  • 1 year if you have lost or missed more than two identity cards or they have been stolen from you in the period of 5 years before the submission of application, or if you are a citizen with temporary residence in the verification process of the permanent residence application.

The identity card can be replaced at any time, even before its expiration.

In the following cases, the identity card must be submitted to the administrative unit for destruction within 30 days:

  • change of the name or surname;
  • change of permanent residence;
  • the photography does not show your true image;
  • the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia has ceased;
  • card is damaged or defective and, therefore, no longer usable.

If your identity card is stolen or lost, you must inform the administrative unit within 8 days. If this happens abroad, inform the diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Slovenia or an administrative unit within 8 days after returning to Slovenia. First, report the stolen identity card at the police station where you will be issued a police report to submit to the administrative unit.

For the issuance of new identity card after the first misplacement, loss, theft or damage due to improper handling of the holder, you shall pay twice the value of the administrative fee and, upon each subsequent misplacement, during the five years preceding the submission of the application, four times the value of the administrative fee.