EN: Skoči na filtre seznama
EN: Filtriranje se bo izvedlo ob spremembi izbire filtra in ne zahteva dodatne potrditve.

Change of residence, residence registration: Registration, de-registration of permanent residence

Permanent residence is a settlement where the individual settles in order to reside there, because this settlement is the centre of his/her vital interests.
The household is related to the address of the permanent residence.

The permanent residence or change of the address of the apartment must be reported to the administrative unit, local office, when you permanently settle in a settlement or change the address of the apartment. The permanent residence must be de-registered from the Republic of Slovenia, when you permanently move from the area of the Republic of Slovenia abroad.

An individual must register the address of permanent residence or the change of the address of the apartment within eight days of the settlement or from the receipt of a permit for permanent residence for a foreigner.

An individual de-registers the permanent residence from the Republic of Slovenia prior to moving.

The change of the address abroad can also be registered at the ministry responsible for foreign affairs.