Certificates and extracts Extract from the central register of death

The extract is a public document about the death of a citizen, which is published on the basis of the entry in the central register.

In the central register, all deaths of Slovenian citizens, irrespective of their place of death in Slovenia or abroad, and all deaths of foreign citizens in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia are entered.

The extract from the central register of death can be claimed by:

· immediate family members (spouse, children or parents);

· other persons, if they prove a legitimate interest for the use of personal data and if immediate family members of the deceased do not object.

The extract contains the following data:

  • name and family name of deceased,
  • date and place of death,
  • unique personal identification number (EMŠO),
  • sex,
  • date and place of birth,
  • last permanent residence,
  • name and family name of the spouse of deceased,
  • EMŠO of the the spouse of deceased.

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