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Certificates and extracts: Authentication of public documents for use abroad

Authenticate a public document issued in the Republic of Slovenia, if this is requested by the law of the state where you will use it.

Procedures for authentication of signatures of judges, notaries and court interpreters for the use of public documents abroad are carried out at the Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Justice can authenticate the authenticity of the seal and signature on a public document issued in the Republic of Slovenia. It can authenticate the signatures of:

· district judges;

· notaries and

· court interpreters.

The authentication of seals and other signatures (notary assistants, registrars, government bodies, school documents and similar) on public documents is performed by district courts.

The authentication of a document means the official confirmation of the authenticity of signatures of official persons who signed the document and the authenticity of the stamp imprints of government bodies on it. The authentication does not confirm the truth of the contents of the document.