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EN: Filtriranje se bo izvedlo ob spremembi izbire filtra in ne zahteva dodatne potrditve.

Marriage: Marriage of Slovenian citizens abroad

Slovenian citizens can marry abroad, where this is possible under the law.

The law of the place where the marriage takes place is applicable for the form of marriage; the conditions for the marriage of the future spouses are subject to the laws of the state the citizens of which they are at the occasion of marriage.

Information on all necessary documents which the future spouses must submit for marriage abroad may be obtained from the competent authorities of the state where they intend to marry and at its diplomatic and consular representatives.

An extract from the marriage register as an evidence of your marriage abroad must be issued by the competent authority of the state where the marriage took place. For the recognition of this certificate in Slovenia, it has to be translated and certified in the prescribed manner.

How the certificate will be certified, depends on the state where it was issued; the certification of documents is not needed under the following conditions:

  • among the signatory states of the Hague Convention on the abolition of the need for legalisation of foreign public documents, the certification with the "APOSTILLE" seal is sufficient;
  • among the states that have concluded bilateral agreements on mutual recognition of documents without certification;
  • for the extracts from the registers, which were issued on the basis of the Vienna and Paris Convention.

The provisions on pre-marriage procedure shall apply also to the to civil union partnership.