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Family benifits and income: Child benefit

Child benefit is supplementary benefit for maintenance, upbringing and education of a child.

Child benefit can be claimed at the Social Work Centre in the municipality where you reside.

The right to child benefit may be exercised by a parent or other person for a child of up to 18 years of age who has registered residence and lives in the Republic of Slovenia.

If you claim the right to child benefit within 30 days after the childbirth, it is acknowledged to you already for the month of the child's birth. If you claim it the after this deadline, it is acknowledged to you with the first day of the month following the submission of the application.

Child benefit is determined according to the classification of the family in the income class specified as a percentage of the average monthly wage of all employees in the Republic of Slovenia in the calendar year before an application is submitted. In determining the conditions for obtaining child benefit, the assets of the submitters in the form of real estate, vehicles, financial assets etc. are considered.

The amount of child benefit according to the average monthly income per person:
The right to child benefit is acknowledged for a period not exceeding one year. The right ceases on the first day of the following month, when the conditions for it are no longer met. A new application for entitlement to child benefit must be submitted within the month of expiry of the right to child benefit.