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EN: Filtriranje se bo izvedlo ob spremembi izbire filtra in ne zahteva dodatne potrditve.

Primary School: Enrolment in the first grade of elementary school

Children start attending elementary school when they reach the age of 6.

Parents must enrol children, who will reach the age of 6 in the calendar year in which they begin to attend the school, in the first grade of elementary school.

Enrolments in elementary schools are held in February for the school year that begins in September of the same year.

Parents enrol the child in public or private elementary school in the district in which the child permanently or temporarily resides. You can also choose another school if the primary school consents.

At least three months before the start of school, the school issues a certificate of matriculation or a notice of suspension of the start of schooling to the parents.

If you think that the child is not ready to start the school, you can suspend the start of schooling for one year on a proposal from parents, health service or a decision on placement. If the suspension is proposed by parent or health service, the headmaster appoints an expert committee consisting of school doctor, counsellor and educator. This verifies the readiness of the child and gives an opinion on the basis of which the final decision is taken by the headmaster.

The appeals commission decides on the complaints related to the exercise of the rights and duties of the child or pupil.