EN: Skoči na filtre seznama
EN: Filtriranje se bo izvedlo ob spremembi izbire filtra in ne zahteva dodatne potrditve.

The media: Entry in the register of foreign correspondents and correspondences

The Ministry of Culture manages the accreditation of foreign correspondences and correspondents in Slovenia.

A foreign press agency or foreign medium is a legal entity having a head office in a foreign country, its basic activity being collecting, transmitting or distributing informative programmes.

In the register of foreign correspondences and correspondents can be entered:

  • foreign correspondents;
  • journalists;
  • photo journalists;
  • radio, television and film cameramen;

who are, regardless of nationality, employed at a foreign medium issuer or a foreign press agency or do have a contract concluded with such issuer and plan to perform such activities in the Republic of Slovenia for at least 3 months.

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