College and university Evaluation of education

Evaluation of education obtained abroad for the purpose of employment or continuation of education in Slovenia.

Evaluation of education is the process by which an opinion on the individual elements of education acquired abroad is issued. The opinion is of information and advisory nature.

Evaluation of education is carried out on the basis of the document which proves that education was completed in full. This may be a certificate, diploma or other similar document.

The documents discussed in the process of the evaluation of education may include:

· foreign documents on education;

· Slovenian documents on education;

· documents on education issued in the republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia before 25th June 1991.

In the evaluation process, we do not accept documents:

· on education lasting less than one semester or half a year, and

· on education valued less than 30 ESCT (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) points of study load.

The applicant submits the application for evaluation of education with all necessary documentation to the ENIC-NARIC centre (European Network of National Information Centres on academic recognition and mobility - National Academic Recognition Information Centres) and the centre issues an opinion on education within two months.

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