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Republic of Slovenia
State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia Koča v Logarski dolini
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Republic of Slovenia
State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia
Friday, 9. October 2015  
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Electronic Communication Services

Electronic Communications Service is any service that is normally being implemented against payment and comprises, in whole or in part, of signal transmission through electronic communications networks and includes telecommunications services and transmission services for the transmission through broadcasting networks.

The prescribed minimum set of services of certain quality is available to all end-users in the Republic of Slovenia under affordable prices irrespective of their geographical location.

The minimum set of services, falling within the thus designated universal service, includes:

  • a connection to the public telephone network and provision of access to publicly available telephone services at a fixed location in response to reasonable requests by the users, capable of allowing end-users to make and receive local, national and international telephone calls, transmission of facsimile communications and data communications, at data rates that are sufficient to permit functional Internet access;
  • ensuring and providing access to universal directory and universal service for the provision of information on subscribers (hereinafter referred to as the "universal directory service") in accordance with Article 12 of Electronic Communications Act;
  • ensuring public telephone boxes where users can dial, free of charge and without the use of any means of payment, the numbers for emergency calls with a view to meet the reasonable needs of end-users in terms of the geographical coverage, the number of public telephone boxes, the accessibility of such telephones to disabled users and the quality of services;
  • ensuring measures for the disabled end-users that will enable the disabled end-users appropriate access to and use of publicly available telephone services, including the same access to emergency services, directories and directory services from which benefit other end-users.

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