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Republic of Slovenia
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Republic of Slovenia
State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia
Friday, 9. October 2015  
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About Slovenia

Acquiring citizenship

Slovenian citizenship means a permanent legal bond between the Republic of Slovenia and its citizens, irrespective of the method by which the citizenship was acquired. The citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia may be acquired by birth or by naturalisation.

Useful links

General information General information
Acquisition of the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia
Source: Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia

Legal sources Legal sources
Citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia Act

Related FAQ
My dad is a Slovenian citizen but my mom was born in Canada but also has Slovenian parents. Would I qualify to apply for citizenship because I am under the age of 36? If not, what other qualifications would I need to have to apply?
I have filled out my application for Slovenian citizenship and have the applicable documents necessary and would like to know where I should send/fax it?
My mother was born in Maribor in 1935 and she emigrated to Venezuela as war refugee during World War II. I am 27 years old and I wish to obtain the slovenian citizenship. My question: what is the procedure to do that?
My parents are Slovenian born in Robedische, near Kobarid. They emigrated to Venezuela in 1948 (+/-). In the meantime I was born in Napoles, Italia and I have lived in Venezuela since I was one year old, being a Venezuela citizenship by naturalization since 1974. I would like to know what I have to do in order to be Slovenian citizenship and if my sons can be Slovenian too.
Can you tell me the procedure for acquiring Slovenian citizenship through ancestry? My grandmother was born in Slovenia and was a Slovenian national. I am currently living abroad and would like to become a Slovenian citizen.
I was born in Lebanon and have the Lebanese nationality. I got married at the end of August 2002 with a girl, who is half Slovenian, half Lebanese. She was born in Slovenia, her mother is Slovenian and has the Slovenian nationality. My question: what is the procedure, being married to a Slovenian woman, to get the nationality?

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