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Republic of Slovenia
State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia Mountain Triglav
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Republic of Slovenia
State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia
Monday, 31. August 2015  
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Welcome to the State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia!

The State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia is a helpful tool to all the visitors interested in gaining general knowledge on Slovenia, information concerning public administration as well as those concerning private sector. Let us kindly invite you to become and stay a regular visitor of our web-sites.

The State Portal team

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Did you know that...

...on the scant surface of Slovenia, which covers app. 20,000 square-kilometers, one can find four important geographic units interconnected? In Slovenia in the southwest, one can find a typical Mediterranean landscape and climate, which changes in its hinterland and towards the northeast into the Dinaric-Karst landscape with many beautiful karst sights, in the northwest one can view the typical mountain alpine landscape, and in the northeast or in the eastern part of Slovenia respectively one can view geographical and climate characteristics of the Pannonian lowlands.

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Entry into and exit from the country
Required documents, Refusal of entry into the country, Restrictions upon entry into the country, ... 

Residence in Slovenia
Proving identity, Accommodation, Infrastructure, Change of residence, ...

Work and employment
Work permits, Employment relationships, Registration and revocation of work performed by aliens, ...

Family and children
Marriage, Dissolving the marriage bond, Extra-marital union, Homosexual unions, Birth, Parents, Child adoption, Foster placement, Child protection, ...

Death and mourning
Death, Funeral , Inheritance, last will, ...

Traffic, vehicles
Road traffic, Vehicles, Railway traffic, Maritime traffic, ...


Citizenship and asylum
Citizenship, Residence permit, Asylum, ...

Basic education, Upper secondary education, Higher education and post-secondary vocational education, Student exchange, International school, Adult education, ...

Personal finance
Taxes, Banking, Insurance companies, Consumer protection, ...

Health and social affairs
Emergency medical assistance, Health institutions, Dentistry, Health insurance, Social services, Disabled persons, Retirement, ...

Crime, Road traffic safety, Arms,  ...

Travelling around Slovenia
Foreign embassies in Slovenia, Tourist information centres, Exchange rates, ...


Establishment of a company
Companies, business subjects, expand business, appropriate legal form of legal subjects, establishing a company, ...

Employment and employment relationships
Employment, Security and health at work, ...

Taxes, customs, and other duties
Taxes in the Republic of Slovenia, obligations of paying taxes, customs and other duties, ...

Capital and investments
Opportunities for investments in Slovenia, services and competent institutions, ...

Contemporary business
Electronic signature, digital certificates, and certification authorities, Electronic shop, Electronic bank, ...

Innovations and technological development
Patents, Models, Brands, Copyright and related rights, ...


Functioning of a company
Documents and permits, Consulting, ...

Financial operations
Accounting, Audit of operations, ...

Public procurement and other public resources
Revision of public calls, Electronic public calls, Public calls in EU, ...

Law and public administration
Administrative procedure, Judicial proceedings, Administrative fees, ...

Facilities and environment
Business premises, Protection of the environment, ...

International cooperation
Business conference, deliberations, and seminars, ...

State Portal news
  The Programme of Government Measures for Combating Corruption 2015-2016
05.03.2015  The Slovene Government prepared and adopted the Programme of Government Measures for Combating Corruption (Programme)

New survey
24.10.2014  A new survey is published on the State Portal

ISPO news
  Road Safety in October 2014
04.12.2014  According to the non-conclusive data, there were 1.572 accidents in October 2014, which is 110 less than the previous month.


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