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Sunday, 1. March 2015  
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20 Years of Independence
27.06.2011 Slovenia is Celebrating.

On 25 June 1991 Republic of Slovenia declared independence to which the Yugoslav federal army responded by an immediate intervention aimed at suppressing the acts of independence. Fighting between the Yugoslav Army and Slovenian units lasted for ten days. Afterwards negotiations began between the federal government and representatives of former Yugoslav republics brokered by a troika of EC ministers resulted in the Brioni Agreement which suspended Slovenian independence for three months.

Several countries recognised Slovenia already in 1991 (Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland and Germany) but the majority of recognitions followed in early 1992.

The main ceremony on the occasion of the Statehood Day and 20th Anniversary of Slovenia's Independence was held on Friday, 24 June, at the Congress Square in Ljubljana.

The inaugural speaker was the president of the Republic of Slovenia, Danilo Türk, Ph.D. An artistic programme followed.

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Source: Government Communication Office

Active news
New survey
24.10.2014  A new survey is published on the State Portal

PM Cerar: The Government will work for the benefit of Slovenia
19.09.2014  The 12th Slovenian government has been sworn in and begun its four-year term.

10 years of EU membership
06.05.2014  Ten years ago Slovenia became a full EU member state.

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